Mister Sterwardess

Here's a good read for you: Mister Stewardess. An air steward writes about his life and loves, thoughts and his own creative writing on a blog that is witty, informative, up to date and well, just something different, really. On one page I found some classic Golden Girls gags, and pics, a tale from the cabin, a tale from a writing class and news about his trips abroad. There's also a nice mix of images to view and, as is usual on blogs, you can leave comments, and even get yourself involved with a newsletter if you want. It's a new blog and only has a couple of months' worth of posts behind it, but it looks good, feels good and read good, too. I mean 'reads well', of course. Because it seems to be about everything and nothing, I am going to put it in my favorites list and come back to it when I am in need of a little lift.

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