soldiers fucking

PFC Roman is about to get his dick serviced by a civilian on All American Heroes. Roman is good looking and buff with a smooth, muscled body - he even has "SOLDIER" tattooed across his washboard abs. The guys are lying back on the bed and watching some porn. Civilian Will makes the first move and fishes out Roman's cock. Roman strips off his shirt and shows off his ripped body. And when Roman finally slides off his pants, Will gets between his legs and starts nursing on Roman's cock.

The guys swap blowjobs for a few minutes and then Roman announces that he's going to fuck Will's ass. Will doesn't protest. He gets down on all fours on the edge of the bed and Roman starts inching his big, hard cock into Will's tight ass. It's not long before Roman's cock is buried balls deep in Will's ass, and the civilian is loving every inch of it.

Roman is a noisy fucker and grunts loudly as he's pounding Will's fuck hole. Will rolls over on his back and Roman grabs his bare feet and steadies the civilian's legs in the air while he continues pounding ass. And when Roman has had enough of Will's ass, he splatters his cum load all over Will's face. Again, Will isn't complaining! And when you see the load of cum on Will's face, you wouldn't complain either.

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