Military Sergeant Beats Off

What a cool All American Heroes find Paco is! Paco enlisted in the military as soon as he was old enough to do so and now boasts the rank of Sergeant. He was looking for more in his life than being a bag boy at a grocery store, and you certainly can't blame him for that. Paco isn't a toy soldier either, having seen some front line combat during his career. The tough looking military man is a "tanker", being part of an M1 Abrams tank crew. Impressive. Needless to say then, it's my opinion that Paco having the balls to undo his camouflage fatigues and jerk off camera on camera for us all is just as impressive. He stands up, turns around and shows off his large back tattoo. The camera zooms in to show us his tight buttocks. Paco must have been pretty horny, as his big cock stays at full mast right from the start to the very end.

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