Now wouldn't the military be a whole lot of fun if the soldiers all looked like this? This soldier is very good looking, and he has a very well defined and sculpted body. Look at those pecs and abs. And I find this photo so sexy with his hand down his pants, just a hint of pubic hair sneaking above the waist band. How hot! And wait until you see this soldier bend over. If you're a butt man, you're going to want to see his beefy, big butt. It's the kind of butt you just want to spread with your hands and have a long lunch. This soldier is tattooed on both shoulders. And he's got a substantial piece of meat between his legs. It's a whopper -- nice and long with a well-formed and plump cock head. And if he's this good looking and hot, you just know he's got to be an Ebony D man, one of my favourite black man sites.

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