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On a remote army base in the desert, Officer Tyler Saint calls in soldier Vince Ferelli for questioning. A rumor has been flying around the base that a male soldier has been cruising for sex. It's been rough lately and the officer needs some stress relief, so he decides to interrogate Vince and have some fun putting the screws to the muscle stud.

Vince denies that he's interested in men (Don't Ask, Don't Tell still applies here) but Tyler persists. Tyler secures Vince's hands in a couple of leather straps on the wall, then Tyler pulls down the soldier's pants. When he doesn't get the answer he wants, he punches the soldier in the stomach. Then Vince finds himself bound to a desk. Tyler attaches some electrodes up and down Vince's thighs and inserts an electric rod up the soldiers asshole. Tyler asks his question, then zaps the beefy muscle man to get his answer. Vince yelps in pain. Tyler ultimately shoves his huge cock down Vince's throat, and when he sees what a skilled cocksucker Vince is, the officer has his answer. But he carries on with the interrogation session.

Tyler lashes Vince to the cell's bars and flogs his muscular back and beefy butt. Then the officer greases up the soldier's fuck hole and plunges his big cock deep inside. With no way to stop it, Vince has to grin and bear it, and there's a lot of Tyler to bear. Fans of Bound Gods have been begging for a military scene and this is certainly a hot first entry. Head over to Bound Gods and watch the free video trailer.

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