miles first time

Miles is a freshman at Corbin Fisher. He did his first solo only a few weeks ago. During his interview he told Corbin Fisher that he liked fucking girls anally, so naturally Corbin Fisher figured he might be willing to fuck a guy's ass, too. Josh has done a number of scenes for the gay porn site and he knows how to break in a newbie.

The guys kiss and Josh chews on Miles' nipple. Then Josh moves down to Miles' huge uncut cock and Josh deep throats every inch of it. Miles is clearly enjoying it. Josh removes Miles' shoes and socks and sucks his toes. This is another first for Miles - he's never had anyone sucking and licking his toes. Then Josh goes back to servicing Mile's big uncut dick. Miles pulls Josh's head closer, forcing his cock deeper down Josh's throat.

Josh asks Miles if he's ready for the next step. Miles says yeah, and he inches his long, thick dick into Josh's ass. Josh gasps and takes a minute to adjust, but in a couple of minutes, Miles is thrusting and asking Josh, "Do you like my cock?" Josh says, "Fuck me harder," and bites down on the quilt as Miles pounds his ass. Josh is loving Miles' big dick and the horny bottom shoots his load all over the bed. But Miles doesn't let up, he plunges into Josh's ass over and over until he finally sprays his thick load all over Josh's butt. Miles has a huge grin on his face as he slaps Josh's ass with his still-hard tool. Another Corbin Fisher freshman has been initiated.

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