Mike's Muscle Gallery

To give it its full title, I'm taking a quick look at Mike's Muscle & Bodybuilder Gallery here and it's a free site that is all about... well, you don't need me to tell you. Checking this collection out I found that nothing had changed for a few years; it looks like this was started back in 2008 and then came to a halt in 2010, so the news and pics here are not exactly up to date. But there are 29 galleries with horny bodybuilders to check out, so it's still worth a visit.

What this little site also does is give you links to some of the better bodybuilder sites around; places where you will find the muscled studs you might have been hoping for. All American Guys, Jock Butt and even Play Girl are listed, so even if Mike's no longer uploading his favourite muscle men to his personal site for some reason, at least you can use this as a place to find some other, membership, sites to check out.

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