Mike Dreyden Seeks Funds for New Web Series Mike Dreyden Seeks Funds for New Web Series

Former gay porn star Mike Dreyden hasn't been heard from in a bit. Even though the hairy NYC native still does an occasional go-go gig, like this one with the legendary Robin Byrd, he hasn't made a movie for about three years. Now, Mike is announcing his latest legit project, and he wants fans to help pay for it. Dreyden has just launched an IndieGogo campaign for a new Web series titled Last Call, which is based on his life in gay porn, dancing, nightlife and real estate (who knew!?). The idea for the show came to Mike, who has been acting since age 17, when he was working on his memoir. "I get e-mails and messages from all over the world asking me questions about my sex life and my first sexual experiences," Dreyden tells GayDemon. "So I thought I'd write about it. Then it hit me. This would be a great story by way of a series. It moved from head to pen and paper first, and now we're about ready for the screen."

In his time away from the industry, Mike completed his theater degree, joined the Mirror Repertory Company in New York and entered its master-class program. The cast of Last Call recently did a table read, and Mike hopes to shoot the series through his Mike Dreyden Media production company sometime this summer. "I hope my fans love and help support this project and become fans of my co-stars," Mike adds. "They are all incredible actors as well, with so much passion and dedication and love of this art form." For more information and to watch cast interviews (and some begging), click here.

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