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I have to say that this week UK Naked Men has really outdone themselves with a video called Intruder. It's one of the hottest scenes I've seen on the gay porn site. The video opens with Jake fast asleep on his bed. A masked man appears in his doorway. Standing outside on the porch, with a flashlight in his hand, this intruder watches the muscle hunk through a window in the door. The masked man opens the unlocked door and quietly lets himself in. Then the intruder carefully removes the sheet and explores Jake's tight, well-defined body with his flashlight. He's aching to touch Jake with his gloved hands, but he holds back. With Jake exposed naked on the bed, the intruder stands over Jake's head, pulls out his thick uncut cock, and starts jacking off slowly and methodically. He brings his cock close to Jake's face and even almost touches his cock to Jake's lips. By now Jake has a raging hard-on and the cat burglar can't resist any longer, he goes around, grabs Jake's pole in his gloved hand, and starts sucking Jake's cock. Jake wakes up startled, but the intruder places his gloved hand over Jake's mouth to silence him. When Jake reaches for the bedside lamp and turns it on, he relaxes a bit more seeing that this intruder, with Jake's dick in his mouth, means him no harm. The two get into a steamy 69 cock sucking session before the night bandit fucks Jake's ass off. Does Jake ever unmask his midnight encounter? You'll have to watch the video and find out.

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