Mick Hicks

Mick Hicks is a photographer who needs little introduction to many old hands on the gay scene. His photographs, beginning in 1978, chronicled the emerging and hugely robust gay scene in San Fransisco, taking pictures at clubs, events and of individuals, many of which made their way into mainstream publications such as Newsweek, Time magazine and abundant others. Needless to say, his work was also gladly picked up and served by gay magazines and publications of the time - and have been ever since. Mick shows his talents on a regular basis, and this blog is a fabulous chance to see him at his narrowly-focused best. Seeing a professional at the height of his abilities is a rare and precious opportunity to witness some true excellence. Oh, by the way - this shit is hot! Smokin' hot! LOL, I neglected to mention Mick gives up some amazingly sexy stuff in this personal blog of his. That - and the trip through these pictures and blog posts - is what makes this particular blog work best. Regardless of the "who" that posted all this stuff, the blog is still an absolute a wonderment of heat. Definitely check this bad boy out. That's an order!

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