The Sword's Zach and his acid tongue met his match this week when he posted a piece about gay porn star and ex-ballet dancer Jett Black. On August 14, 2013, The Sword re-posted a message Black has posted on his Tumblr, then went on to take a couple of jabs at Jett Black and said that since being fired from CockyBoys last month, Black was hiding out in Europe.

Gay porn director Michael Lucas of Lucas Entertainment took exception with Zach's post and wrote in the comments: "Unless your post about our employee is not removed with 30 minutes, Lucas Entertainment will remove all [its] content from AEBN's website." AEBN is a video-on-demand site where surfers can watch DVDs from hundreds of different porn producers, including 190 DVDs from Lucas Entertainment, and AEBN owns Naked Sword and their blog The Sword.

Lucas went on to say, "I standup for people who work for me. And as you are very well aware, Jett Black is in charge of [the] affiliate program, marketing and social media." Then a few minutes later Lucas added, "And stop lying to your readers. You are well aware that Jett Black is not in Europe and is working at the Lucas Entertainment offices in New York City."


Jett Black joined the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School (RWB) in September 2012 under his real name Jeppe Hansen. And the 22-year-old Dane danced on stages around the world. Early in 2013 he started appearing on CockyBoys as Jett Black and by July his dancing career was put on hold when the RWB fired him.

By the end of July, Black's stint with CockyBoys also came to abrupt end when the studio terminated him for violating the terms of their exclusive agreement.

Back on The Sword and Michael Lucas and Zach continued to battle it out back and forth until Lucas finally said, "... you have 2 minutes left. My email to AEBN is ready to go."

Then suddenly, the Jett Black post disappeared from The Sword.

While Michael Lucas may have won this battle, Zach isn't about to let him win the war and on August 16, 2013 posted "Should The Sword stop bullying gay porn stars?" And the article includes a poll, which as of early August 16 had 75% of respondents in a poll saying, "No, The Sword is appropriately bullying those who deserve it."

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