Not everybody in porn has to get along and once you burn a bridge in porn, well... let's just say that it won't be that easy to get your cock or get a cock up your ass for cash from any studio if you have a nasty reputation.

Legendary porner Michael Lucas recently uploaded part of a conversation that he had with ex Brazilian porner Harry Louis and things were not so peachy from the start. Harry has been adding people on FaceBook like crazy, (I even got a friendship request, LUCKY ME!!) and Harry decided to add Michael as a friend but unfortunately for Harry, Mr.Lucas just didn't have time for that!

Michael starts off by saying that he missed the old Harry that "used to cook for me in London" and wrote "you used to be sweet in the beginning of our collaboration." Well, Harry didn't like the sound of that and answered "truth is not what you're talking."

Lucas then let it rip and said "I do not need you or your rudeness" and then went on to say "You were a nasty model during the last year of us working with you and now you're a nasty arrogant brat!"--- OH NO, SHE BETTA DON'T!!


I guess you do not want to get on Michael's bad side cos he will deffo give it to ya and give it to ya good. This brings 2 questions to mind, 1) did Harry respond to that and 2) did he even understand the message?

We shall see if more DRAMA unfolds! Go HERE for the conversation! MEEEOW!!!

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