Recently someone on a board asked me who my favorite pornstar was. I almost said I didn't have a particular favorite. Then I thought about it, and I realized something. Michael Brandon is my favorite pornstar. Sure, there are lots of others who make very hot movies and who I'd love to spend a private hour with. But Michael Brandon just turns my crank.

It's not just his huge cock, known as Monster throughout the industry. Sure, it's big and just the right thickness. It makes me wonder if I could actually suck it all the way down. And yes, Michael Brandon has a talent for staying hard all the time - and that's a big plus. And yes, sometimes a little maturity makes a man extremely sexy. There's that feeling of all this sexual experiences... And he has those gorgeous bedroom eyes! And that body - lean, muscled, controlled...

In his adult videos, Michael Brandon almost drips confidence. He knows his way around a cock, and he knows exactly how to talk to a man who is sucking on Monster. The tone in his voice, the sound of it - how could anyone say no to someone who sounds that knowing and that sexy? I've known guys who have never bottomed, but who feel that given the opportunity, they'd love to bottom for Michael Brandon.

Watching him in movies like "Stick it in" or "Pokin' in the Boys Room" never fail to let me live out my dirtiest fantasies. One of the things I enjoy about Michael is the way he makes everything seem so raw and yet so intimate, almost like you're there.

The bottom line is that Michael Brandon makes me horny. He's an aggressive top with a feeling that he is also very in touch with his partner's sexual needs. He really knows how to fuck - and not everyone can make fucking look so damned good! And he's also just plain hot-looking. If I could spend an hour alone with just one pornstar, there's no doubt it would be Michael Brandon ;)

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