Black pornstar Micah Brandt becomes a Falcon exclusive

There aren't many black gay porn superstars out there in the world and I gotta ask why the hell not? I mean, there are loads and loads of hot dark men out there in the world so there's gotta be that one stud out there that will take hunky black fellas to that next porn level, right?!

Well, of course! Say "hola sexy!" to Micah Brandt. This stud worked with Randy Blue, and even though I am not quite sure if they discovered him, someone, somewhere must be thanked for finding this hot, sexy tower of dark chocolate! Micah is ready to take over the gay porn world as he has just signed an exclusive contract with one of the biggest porn studios out there, Falcon - and of course he couldn't be happier.

Yes, during 2012 we will be seeing A LOT more of this dark-skinned stud as he is set to shoot with both the Falcon and the JOCKS lines, and be featured on Hard Friction. I for one say it's about fucking time a black performer got more exposure in gay porn, and I couldn't be happier or hornier that it's gonna be Micah Brandt leading the way to hot gay porn heaven!

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