This is Alberto and he's the latest discovery at Miami Boyz. This 21 year old first-timer is from Argentina, and there's more to this hot amateur latino than that thick dark hair, hot body and those deep bedroom eyes. You see, Alberto has a big, thick uncut cock hanging between his legs and since he's bisexual, he loves having that piece of meat sucked by both men and women. What's more, there's something about him that draws the eye - people watch him as he walks by them. Maybe it's his masculine presence - or maybe they can see the bulge in his pants!

Alberto is a pretty serious guy - it's not easy to get him to smile, but he looks great especially when he's got that thoughtful look on his face. And it doesn't hurt that he's naked in a bed...


Oh, man - that is a beautiful sight. Does Alberto has a gorgeous ass of what! It's firm, round and supple with a great shape. It looks very squeezable - not to mention fuckable.


Once the stripping and posing are done, it's time to get serious. Alberto sits down, flexes his muscles a little, grabs that big hunk of meat and starts pumping it for the camera!


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