Apparently, despite plummeting currencies, rampant, ingrained political corruption, deadly gang warfare, chronic unemployment and Banda, somehow - somehow - hot, naked strippers on boats surrounded by drunk, out-of-shape, middle-aged white men in Speedos turned out to be okay.

Insert pithy, slightly wry observation on the irony of it all.

Luckily there's more to the story from Lomo (reporting from Acapulco on one of my favorite all-time blogs,, and was able to document the thriving gay shenanigans of city taken over by a swarm of something-or-others. Acapulco is known internationally as a city of vice. Strippers are allowed to, well, strip and go-go dancers maintaining rock-hard erections are the norm. The club scene is vibrant ("One of the newest clubs to hit the strip is Wet Dreams, where the strippers get naked in showers lining the club (see link below for lots and lots of images). Of course, Antropology is one of the all time favorites with live, nude, hard strippers from all over Mexico showing off their spicy pingas.")

And the tolerance for homosexuality and other sexual modes of expression, however envelope-pushing, are understood to be the norm in this jewel of the Acapulco Bay. Thank you, Lomo, for taking the pictures that needed to be taken and the video that probably had to, as well.


--- Correction ---

Mexico Safe For Narcotraficantes, Gay Hookers: A Correction

I inadvertently referred to to the city in this story as Acapulco when, as a reader rightfully pointed out, it is actually Puerto Vallarta. My apologies for the oversight...

--- Correction ---

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