Hairy man Adam is rumaging through the fridge for something, and before you know it, even's sitting on the floor with a hard-on and covered in cream. And we're not talking about man cream. I guess when you're a chef, you're passion for food goes into every area of your life. Adam slips out of his chef's uniform, opens up a can of condensed milk, and trickles it down his hairy chest. And soon it's everywhere and Adam is really turned on. He grabs a fistfull of cream and, using it as lube, he grabs his hard cock and starts pumping. And what a nice cock he has -- oh my God, it's so thick. I'll take a fat cock over a long cock any day. Adam is featured in both a picture gallery and a video clip at UK Naked Men in their update this week. Adam is hairier than we're used to seeing on UK Naked Men, not that the site is hiruste phobic, far from it. In fact, UK Naked Men bills itself as The Best of British. And that means they have a good cross-section of men.

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