Messy Fleshjack Fuck

Buzz West tell us that Skip just got out of the marines and decided to settle down in San Diego. He's actually a farm boy from Texas and certainly has retained that southern gentleman charisma. Skip insists that his ass will stay as tight as it is, however, he had no problem pulling out a fleshjack and using it to get his super hard cock off. He must have been pretty damn horny right the start though, as even before he stuck the toy over top of his dick it was fully engorged and ready to go. It must have been wrapped tightly around his man meat with just the right amount of squeeze, judging by the size of the load he blew all over himself after a good amount of edging. We see him in the last pic looking inside the fleshjack. He might be amazed himself at how huge a wad of cum he blew out!

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