Men Who Inspire Me

Men Who Inspire Me is the name of the blog I am looking at today, and the 'me' of the title is a guy called Amo. He says in his intro that he is not a photographer, he is not a model, he simply likes pictures of handsome guys, and that there is nothing pornographic to be found on his blog. He simply puts up pics (I am not sure how often) of men that he likes, and you can see that he has quite an eclectic taste. Hunky Latino guys, jocks, twinks, college aged guys; they're smooth-chested men mainly, some in swimwear, some in jeans, some presumably naked though you don't know because Amo doesn't post cock shots, but all dreamy and romantic, handsome and would-be perfect buddies. There is a random select feature, an RSS Feed, you can ask Amo anything and the guys posted here come with their names and that's it. It's a long page of handsome men in photos from all across the web and actually, it is very inspiring.

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