Muscle. There's something about a very muscular man, Even if you're not generally attracted to the bodybuilder type, deep down raw muscle impresses us all. It speaks to the parts of us that want to believe in greek gods, in superheros - we want to believe in a perfectly developed and very strong male body. Both men and women are drawn to the strongest males.

And then there's the beauty of the muscular male physiquel The symmetry, the grace, even the fact that what they have worked and sweated for so hard in the gym is attainable by all of us to a degree if we want it enough to really work for it. A bodybuilder also has self-discipline - for years, he worked hard, even week without fail to develop what we see.

There are contests, TV shows, magazines all celebrating the strong and muscular male body. There are movies and websites - hell, one of the most famous bodybuilders managed to get himself elected governor of California. And he made himself famous by working harder - and smarter - to make his body all it could be.

The internet has brought us what some of us can't get enough of - nude male muscle. The fantasy - the SEXUAL fantasy - that men like Mark Wolff and Zeb Atlas bring to life. The yearning to touch and worship these hard masculine bodies, to feel the firm bulging muscle come to life under our hands and cocks.

After years of seeing bodybuilders sit still on pages, I love being able to see them moving and to hear them as they work out or even shoot huge loads of cum. I can't get enough of the videos on a site like Male Muscle or Power Men. What I really can't get enough of is seeing these men as they show us all their hard-won muscle, flexing and posing before they strip down and stroke their cocks. That's something I never got to see in the muscle magazines but always fantasized about - seeing mighty hunks not only pose but show their rods of steel and jack off for the camera.

There is also an entire new kind of bodybuilder - one who is extremely muscular and is also an actual pornstar. Tom Katt is one of the first and best in that category. In movies like Lords of the Ring, this competition-level bodybuilder brings his muscle to porn, showing us the other side of bodybuilders - the side that involves men sucking cock! Caesar is another huge muscle man who could just as easy pose in bodybuilder competitions as he can jerk off for a camera in movies like Cowboy.

Maybe it's just me, but seeing all of this muscle and cock together makes my heart beat a little faster and my pants get a little tighter. If seeing pics of well-built muscle men makes you as horny as it makes me, you know exactly what I mean ;)

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