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Maybe it's just me, but I think there's something especially sexy about watching 2 guys kissing like they really mean it. You don't have to be in love to kiss someone, but kissing seems so personal, so intimate. Holding each other close, feeling their two bodies pressed together as their cocks get hard... And of course, if the kissing takes place in a porn shoot, we know that some action is guaranteed soon, so we can sit back and enjoy as the two models get comfortable, feeling each others' bodies.

While you can see a lot of kissing, fondling and making out in straight mainstream movies, seeing 2 men kiss seems to be more shocking to the

general public than 2 men sucking each others' cocks. I guess it's because the internet has made gay porn almost a household word, but the idea that 2 men can be attracted to each other without banging away immediately seems to escape a lot of people.


Funny thing is that seeing 2 women kiss seems to affect people so differently. Straight men often find girls kissing extremely sexy. Some women also find it a turn-on, but even those who don't aren't as shocked as seeing men kiss.

Some porn sites are dedicated to showing us guys sucking cock and fucking, but not enough of them show us the involvement that comes when men kiss. After all, close your eyes and a blowjob may be a blowjob, but looking into someone's face as you touch them with your mouth - doing that is a lot harder to fake than sex.

There are some sites that make a point of showing us guys kissing in a lot of their stuff. Corbin Fisher and Randy Blue show a fair amount of their college hunks and amateurs as they kiss and touch and taste each other before things get hardcore.

But when all is said and done, the truth is that I love watching 2 men kiss because it's really hot!

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