men in suits

Dennis D'Nello is dressed in an expensive suit; he's sitting at a cafe, enjoying the day and having a cup of coffee. He likes his waiter. Jay Roberts is tall, good looking, and dressed well. Dennis is always turned on by a man in a suit.

The guys flirt with one another as Jay tends to the other clients. He's having trouble keeping his eyes off Dennis. This handsome man has the typical Italian features - dark hair and eyes and heavy 5 o'clock shadow, even though it's only one in the afternoon. Jay takes a chance and tells Dennis that he's finished his shift. Jay just lives down the street and invites the handsome, suited hunk back to his apartment.

The men are barely in the door and they're kissing and ripping the suits off one another. They suck one another's cocks right there in the hallway. They never make it to the bed. In the hallway, Jay starts inching his hard cock between Dennis's deliciously firm butt cheeks. Eventually Jay slides to the floor and Dennis mounts his cock and rides it hard. With their suits strew in a pile on the floor, the men shoot their loads all over one another. Now that's a siesta!

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