men in suits fucking

This week for Hump Day Hotties we're taking a look at sexy men in suits. Edji Da Silva and Will Helm from Lucas Entertainment lead the executive line-up. In this scene, Edji and Will are playing lovers. They are successful businessmen with high salaries and they live a good life. The fact that their sex life is still on fire is the icing on the cake. When Will arrives home he finds Edji relaxing, but he's still in his suit. There's no better way to work off a stressful way at the office than fucking each other. It starts with a kiss, then a grope, then the big dicks come out, and you can see where it goes from there.

men in suits fucking

Dani Demon and Donato Reyes are a couple of high-powered businessmen who work in the same office. But under those pinstriped suits, these handsome men have a sleazier side, and sometimes, as they discover in this Men at Play movie, it's not always easy to control your sexual urges at the office. Dani discovers his boss in the men's room and after a suggestive glance and some crotch groping, Dani decides that it's worth the risk -- he's been dying to fuck his boss's ass. And what the worst that can happen? Donato could send his employee to Human Resources for sexual harassment or sensitivity training, but Dani has been wanting to fuck the HR manager, too!

men in suits threeway sex

Paddy O'Brian and Paul Walker just finished up a 3-part series at Men of UK called MATES where they discovered more than friendship together. Then Paddy O'Brian did a 4-part series called The Secret Agent where he ran around like James Bond fucking all of his enemies and villains. Now Paddy and Paul are back, starting up a new series called Lock, Stock and Cock. They play a couple of British tops and gangsters and Riley Tess's mouth and ass are the prize they won in a card game.

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