Men In Socks

Here is a site solely dedicated to the gay male sock fetish. Men In Socks is, then, a very apt title. I defy you to find an image here that does not feature a sock, or a glimpse of one, or a sneaker, or footwear. I went through page after page (and there are over 200 pages), trying to catch them out, and found image after images from gay porn sites, videos and galleries. Sometimes the sock was full on, in your face, center stage and highly visible; other times there was just the tiniest glimpse of a white foot-covering in a corner, or the tip of the top of a shoe. Other times you've got hot and hunky porn stars, half undressed, boners raging, in full sized, high resolution images and socks with suspenders, or with a foot in their face.

The material here comes from all over the web and the guys behind this picture blog let you know where the found each image. You can link over very easily and go on your own hunt for more from that supplier, or you can spend a day clicking through all the many horny pics of hot guys in socks.

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