Men in Rope delivers an interesting guy's rope fetish in an attractive and no-nonsense but still stylish way. In his "About" page, he describes how "The aesthetics of Rope Bondage first got my juices flowing back in 2001." From there, he approached it actively and with involved curiosity. He explored. His findings and the pictorial proof of his interest makes this website and his blog a good read. The pictures represent pretty amazing effects of his rope work - Japanese bondage specialties in the hemp or Jute ropes caught his fancy but he says he is equally at home with "hostage rigging" and the Western forms of rope work. "Suspension" is another avid interest - which sounds nice and kinky. He is an unapologetic gay male Top, although he admits he has been tied himself. He also has worked with females. His rope work is extremely complex, at the "rope end", with crossing patterns and virtual "webs" by design. It becomes obvious that the process itself of tying another man is probably more than half the pleasure. He admits he is a stickler for detail and these pictures do absolutely nothing to disprove that. The pictures are still erotic, by the way, and send out a definite submissive vibe on the part of the tied-up. Interesting, provocative and very much an in-depth view of a fascinating niche. Well done!

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