A free site, dealing with bondage, but specifically, about Rope. I have a strange feeling that somehow Rope is a turn on for many. There are lots of galleries and a rather unique way of displaying the photos.

I am not a fan of being tied up, find it too restrictive for my thrashing around, but then again, I am a wusse at times. Certainly wouldn't cut it with any of these dudes though, as I have enough trouble tying my shoelaces right, never mind some of the knots these guys are proficient at.

After reading the '˜first aid' advice, and the list of contents for a practical emergency kit, I don't think I'll be playing this game anytime soon. I mean burn spray? Sterile eye patch?

Nah, I'll stick to chasing the wife the old fashioned way, him running, me on a scooter chasing.

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