I wonder at times, are all these super mega sites really a bargain, or is it that they make you think they are?

Both the boyfriend & I enjoy twinks, that's our particular flavor so when we go shopping for some sites to join, that is what we seek out. Now there are all kinds of Mega Sites, you know, that offer up thousands & thousands of sexy pictures, with almost as many Videos as well.

Then there is the obligatory 'bonus sites' included with everyone's membership, along with 'countless sexy feeds' that are guaranteed to give you what you are looking for. I mean the sales hype is really good for some of these sites, sort of like the AEN's that promise you access to thousands of sites for one low yearly fee.

Course, the issue for me is, are they telling the truth? Are there really thousands of pictures & videos in the site I am wanting to join, or is that in total? And there comes the rub, at least for wifey and me. The figures they quote very rarely are for that one site, but for everything combined.

Hell one site, included the videos from the feeds, that cost extra. I mean sorry, but when I pay my $30 or $40 a month, I don't want to pay more to see what you already promised me to see.

Maybe I am too anal about this stuff, but I figure if I am looking for a particular niche or category, then tell me what you have to offer, in that category, not combined with every other category covered by your mega sex sites. If I am searching for twinks, do I really need to know you have a few hundred videos featuring BDSM or Hairy Men?

In some sense, I feel cheated when that happens. I know other's don't, which is a whole other rant, but it seems to me that if you say you have thousands of pictures, hundreds upon hundreds of videos, and are selling me a twink membership, then that sales pitch should be referring to twinks.

And let's be honest, so you have ten thousand pictures or like one video on demand service thousands of videos to watch, does it make one bit of difference to me if 90% are not in the category I want to enjoy? If I spend my $30 or $40, am I really going to spend my time staring at some pot bellied old guy dressed up in leather, if my taste is for smooth bodies skinny eighteen year olds? Do I care if the 50 video feeds out of 55 are about bald guys with a hairy upper lip?


Sure, I'll poke around at the other categories, but that isn't what I am paying the cash for. It was the twinks, or the bears, or whatever, so why can't these mega sites be truly mega, in that field? Is the reality that they are simply throwing in all these unrelated material, to justify a higher membership price, and like saps, we fall for it?

If you enjoy reading books that are mysteries, are you going to be browsing the romance section at the same time? No, I don't think so, unless you can't find a good mystery to buy. So why do these mega sites figure we are going to settle for this other stuff, unless they know that we aren't going to find a lot of what interests us, for what we signed up for?

Kind of like the same hype the cable outfits use too. Get over 200 channels for one low monthly fee, but come on, how many of you have found something to watch on every one of those 200 channels you are paying extra for? The reality is, we have those 200 channels, & we would get more too, not because we have varied tastes, but simply to try and find something that will interest us.

I have flipped through the 200 channels, and reached for a book many a time, because there simply wasn't anything I wanted to watch. Sort of like signing up for the mystery channel to watch Agatha Christie mysteries, and wind up watching Julia Childs rerun cooking shows. Makes no sense to me, to sign up for twinks to get videos for some Bear site.

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