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Just what the world needs, another tube site, right!? Well, when the good guys behind the popular Gay Daily Hot blog decide to do it, they do it right. Directors and bloggers Jasun Mark and John Tegan have just created and launched ManCast, a new free tube site. It's taken the industry vets almost a year of dedicated work to assemble ManCast, and it shows. "The idea for Mancast came about as a way to make all the video we'd shot available in one place", Mark tells GayDemon, "where we could post anything without the censorship of a corporately owned tube site. But when we started to explain it to other performers, they all wanted to know if they could post their own stuff to use on their own blogs".

On Mancast, you'll find exclusive content (such as Fratpad Jackoff Races) and behind-the-scenes footage (from Francois Sagat's Titan Men extravaganza Incubus and this stud's video diary) from various sources sorted by category, channel and model. "Our goal is to create a vibrant tube community that's easy for performers, companies and fans to use", Tegan says. Mark (who is himself listed in the Porn Stars section and does some serious shrimping and sucking of Gavin Waters) adds that he hopes "this becomes a way for porn stars to reach out to fans and show everyone what they're up to". The guys also want to run amateur submissions from viewers, so grab your cameras, studs, and visit

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