Donny Built

The gays love their home-improvement shows - when they're not watching the Cooking Channel, that is! The Style Network has decided to cash in on our inherent need to see drilling, hammering and, er, pounding by adding a bunch of hot hunks to the renovation mix. The new reality series Built features five professional models who double as handymen. They work for Hott and Handy, a design firm with offices in New York, Los Angeles and Miami. The guys are sent out on jobs where they paint, plaster, landscape and hang wallpaper. And if they happen to take off their shirts in the process, well, what customer wouldn't pay extra for that!? Among the cast, you'll find Donny (above), a class clown who cracks jokes while being hit on by (female?) clients; Mike (below), a Calvin Klein underwear model studying law; Shane, a body-parts model who started the business in 2010; Gage, a scarf-and-tank-top-wearing creative type; and Sandy, the foreman who knows his way around a power tool. Hey, it's all in a hard day's work! Built airs Tuesdays at 8 pm on the Style Network.

Mike Built

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