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BLAKE MASON always tries to offer a variety of yummy men and CJ fits the term "yummy" in a heart beat! Cute as hell with a tight, taut bod and a throbbing 7" member, CJ gets naughty here and helps our imaginations run wild as we think about what we'd like to do to him. Perhaps chew on his lovely nipples and watch him squirm, or take it a bit further and introduce him to some anal pleasures? Whatever your thoughts, CJ certainly conjures up all kinds of images we can dream on.

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CJ is getting right into jerking off in front of the camera. He tells us his exhibitionist tendencies cum naturally to him. Here he peers into the camera lens as if to let us know that he is thoroughly enjoying himself. Guess what CJ? So are we! Keep it up my boy!

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I do believe by the looks of it, CJ is playing with his butt. You know what that means right? Yeah baby, this young 19 year old twinky is ripe for the plucking! I know I'd like to pluck his dusky jewel that's for damned sure. Show him what being a good bottom boy is all about. Mmmmm.

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Yes, I really think this boy needs an experienced tongue - to start off with anyway - burrowing inside his hungy asshole. I sit here and relish in the thought of his taut young buttocks tightening up with anticipation, squeezing my face as I eat him for all I'm worth. What kind of thoughts cum to mind for you guys? The sky is the limit here folks! Go on over to BLAKE MASON and see what kind of shenanigans our boy CJ gets up to. Your dreams may just cum true!

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