Meaty Uncut Cock

Butch Dixon spent the holidays in France and look what he brought back for us. What a nice, belated Christmas present! George Sauvage has a beautiful cock -- and he knows it! Butch Dixon invited him over to film a scene in the shower (sorry, don't have any pics of that, you can watch the free preview video on the site). Before George jumped under the spray, he played with his foreskin for the camera. He's got the kind of cock that I adore sucking. I like a meaty cock, you know, a shower over a grower. And George's uncut dick hangs heavily between his legs with his foreskin covering everything except the tip. George tugs and pulls on his foreskin and this gets the hydraulics going. And George's cock is even more impressive when it's hard. As George starts stroking his hard cock, it's clear that Butch Dixon is lying on the floor under this hairy hunk. And I'm sure when George shot his lively load that Butch Dixon ended up with more than a couple of drops on him. It's a hard job, eh?

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