Meat-Rack has a subtitle: "Macho-Addiction" which probably expresses even more perfectly the author's purpose and most focused perspective on the nature of this interesting and very picture-rich blog. He has culled pictures from his readers as well as from the Web itself and made a handsome gallery of macho men, naked, in suits and ties, half-dressed and/or posing for purely erotic purposes. These are not accidental men, either. These are alpha types - strong, sometimes hairy, mustachioed in many cases, muscular and, in short, uncompromisingly masculine. Many of his pictures - and there are hundreds - are archival, dating from early Playgirl spreads to those even older from gay porn of the '60's and '70's. Another statement: "My blog is a shrine to the panultimate Macho Man, the Alphamale, and you won't EVER find anything else on it, not even pics or vids of 2 alphamales having sex as that does neither interest me nor does it turn me on." He therefore does not disguise his premise or his aims. If one's tastes, however, run to a true adoration of manly men, then this, my friends, is a hell of a spot on the male radar. Because he certainly does this - in spades - with every resource at his disposal, including some very interesting amateur stuff, once again, submitted by his readers. This is an interesting and highly personal view of one man's erotic sense. The very intensity of its focus draws interest and makes it worth a thorough look.

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