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I like it when sites listen to their members. During a recent planning session, the guys at Southern Strokes noted that they had gotten quite a few requests from members to see Tyler and Ashton fucking. "I think we all were a bit surprised that we hadn't put this together earlier," said the site owner. "These guys were meant to be together."

And the members sure have good instincts because once Tyler and Ashton fell into a passionate kiss, you can almost feel the sexual energy through your monitor. After swapping blowjobs, Tyler started paying attention to Ashton's tight hole. And Ashton likes it - a lot - so Tyler slowly inches his big cock inside Ashton's hole and started pumping gently but purposely. Ashton begged for it harder and deeper and Tyler obliged pounding his ass harder and harder. Tyler explodes with a huge load of cum all over Ashton's ass, and this leaves Ashton to choke one out all over his smooth stomach. I'm betting these two left Southern Strokes and spent the night together. I'm feeling a love connection with these two!

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