Max is from Mexico and, as you can see, he's very well endowed. He's got a huge meaty cock that's long AND thick, and he's also good-looking. Max recently went to Montreal to take french and english classes, and he says that he gets laid a lot more in Canada than in Mexico - maybe because he seems so exotic to the guys in Montreal. Something else happened there, too - Max was approached to do a shoot for Squirtz. They're always looking for new faces, so they were happy when Max agreed to do a photoshoot for them, and they were amazed when he pulled out that massive piece of meat!

Max said that this was his first time naked in front of a camera, but he wasn't shy at all. He had his shoes and socks off before the cameras were rolling, and his pants and shirt off in seconds!


When he got down to his underwear, Max hesitated for a moment, but once the undies came off, he had no problem showing off his ass and cock from behind, which is when most first-timers get embarrassed.


And when they were done asking Max to pose, he got down to some serious masturbation. I know you've got to love watching him handle that great big cock of his as much as I do!


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