Max Ryder Moves On With Fashionable New Blog

His name may be different and he's leaving the gay porn industry behind, but twink superstar Max Ryder is not deserting his fans. The 21-year-old Connecticut native, who is now going by his real name of George Alvin, just launched a new blog in order to keep in touch with his dedicated following. (We remember his first blog!) The onetime Cocky Boys exclusive made it big over the past couple of years in numerous award-winning releases such as Project GoGoBoy and RoadStrip. The most recent is an entry in the arty Answered Prayers series titled "The Assumption of the Lamb" with Dean Monroe (below).

Now, Max, er, George is following his dream of becoming a fashion stylist (he's already worked for Esquire, Nylon and Paper magazines), creative director and party promoter. The self-proclaimed club kid keeps "a constant finger on the pulse of youth and pop culture," and that sensibility shows in his work. George says that he started his "Down the Rabbit Hole" blog (a reference to the Lewis Carroll classic Alice in Wonderland) to allow fans to "continue to follow my journey from a world of adult entertainment I knew nothing about and into the real world pursuing my many and changing dreams." He also sees it as a place to share his varied interests in "music, fashion and all things crazy" and plug the memoir he's writing about his time in the big biz. To go down the rabbit hole with him, click here.

Max Ryder Cocky Boys

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