Max Carter Returns To Helix For Dom Ford Project

Sometimes two gay porn studios are better than one! In an interesting twist, Helix Studios has announced that it is collaborating with director (and So You Think You Can Fuck creator) Dominic Ford for a series of new scenes. Now, in an exclusive interview with GayDemon, Ford reveals that twink superstar Max Carter (above) will be returning to Helix in one scene after a year away working for competing studio Cocky Boys. "Photographing him was a dream!" Ford says. "Max has perfect bone structure and an amazing body."

But Carter is just one of the models taking part in this special project that was years in the making. "I've known the folks at Helix for a long time," Ford says, "and we've talked forever about working together. The timing hasn't worked out until now, and we are both really excited to see the fruits of this collaboration."

The deal between the studios includes five scenes, which will be released every Friday in July, that will feature multiple pairings of Helix's young stars with Ford's athletic models. "The idea was to combine twinks with jocks and see what happens," Ford explains. "The style is more cinematic, like the style that we use in our feature films." The series, which will be shot in 2-D (not Ford's trademark 3-D), will look very "artistic," according to Ford. He says that he was given complete creative control and came up with the story line for the scenes, which is reminiscent of his studio's "Secret Fantasies" series that featured gay porn stars telling what they think about to get off in real life.

Ford says that he brought along SYTYCF cast members Landon Conrad (who won) and Tommy Defendi (who placed second), while Helix provided six of its most popular models, including Carter (who is co-starring with Defendi), Andy Taylor, Kyle Ross and Roman Daniels. Ford hints that one scene might feature all the models and promises "some surprises that I can't tell you about that everyone will love!"

The award-winning director adds that he put a lot of thought into how to film the scenes. "They focus much more on the twinks than the jocks," he says, "much in the same way that straight porn focuses on the girls and not the guys. These scenes are much more about the boys enjoying something different. It's a great collaboration, and one that I hope continues past this first project." For more information, visit Dominic Ford and Helix Studios.

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