Here's a riddle for ya.

Question: What's 11 1/2 inches and uncut?

Answer: Matt H's cock!

Yes, good news, size queens! Matt H. is back for another shoot for Blake Mason, and for those who aren't acquainted with him, yes - that is a REAL 11 and a half inch cock. Of course, there's more to Matt than his dick. He's a cute boy-next-door type with a charming personality, friendly smile and just a hint of deviltry glinting in his eyes. He's relaxed in front of the camera, and I hear he's quite the entertainer, always making jokes and making people laugh. But that's only one part of Matt - the part his co-workers, relatives and girlfriends get to see.

There's more to Matt than what people see. After all, this sexy straight boy decided he wanted to do a porn shoot, and once he had done a shoot or two, he came back for more.


The truth is that this incredibly-hung guy loves jerking his gigantic tree-trunk cock in front of the camera, and he gets off knowing that thousands of people will be watching as he works that enormous cock of his.


Matt's about ready to pop - his face shows he he can't hold back. He strokes that 11 and a half inch meat monster faster and harder... Too bad Matt's straight, but his enormous rod will be featuring largely in my daydreams ;)


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