Matt M. is one of the most popular models at Blake Mason. I'm not just saying that - they say they get tons of emails asking for them to bring him back for another shoot. Matt is the kind of cute guy you might notice while driving down the street, and sort of wonder what would happen in you were to pull over and asked him if he wanted a ride. While he identifies himself as straight, what happens today is that he fucks Kai deep and hard. And Kai, who just loves getting banged by straight cock, is loving every thrust!

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours" - Once they're both naked, Matt and Kai get started by sort of comparing cocks, each taking a look at what the other boy has to offer.


Looks like they both liked what they saw. Matt bends Kai over and slams his hard manmeat into Kai's tight ass. Kai gives us a cheeky grin, as if to say "look what I'm getting!"


Getting pounded by Matt's straight dick makes Kai so horny that he's ready to burst. He plays with his rod as Matt shows that he's one straight boy who really knows how to fuck an ass!


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