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Yes, the rumors are true. Matt Cole is going into retirement from making anymore gay porn movies. In 2007 he won the Best Newcomer award at the GAYVN Awards, took home two GRABBY Awards for Best Newcomer and Best Bottom in Chicago and Best Newcomer at the WeHo Awards! After more than 30 movies in two years, Cole has decided to step away from being in front of the camera.

However, fans should not be disappointed as he will still maintain his website and his Yahoo Fan Group (recently replaced after his original was deleted for unknown reasons) and he will still make live appearances at nightclubs and events throughout the world! For appearance requests, he has asked everyone to contact his talent management company FabScout Entertainment. Many in the adult industry question his decision to leave porn while at the pinnacle of his successful career. His decision was not taken lightly and his reasons for leaving are solid and well thought out.

He issued the following letter that he requested to be shared with readers and fans and he has also posted this on his website. The letter clarifies his recent decision to leave gay porn.

"I can assure you all that this decision to leave the industry was not inspired by a "lover" or any other person in my life. At this high point in my career I decided it was simply time for me to move on. I have had an amazing 2 years in the industry and wouldn't change anything for the world. I entered the business with the intent of doing it for a year or 2 and never had any idea it would grow to become what it has. I believe that I am leaving the business at a time when I am on top and will be remembered for all the good work that I have done. I have met amazing people, traveled to places I would never have imagined and had experiences many men could only dream of. Life is a learning experience and I believe everything we do is meant to teach us and to help us move to the next level. Before I was a porn star I was a personal trainer. Many of you that know me know that fitness is a passion in my life. Simply put, training is something that I miss. I will continue to dance and make appearances at clubs and charity events, but the majority of my time will be focused on other avenues. I hope that you all will keep in touch with me and continue to enjoy my body of work for years to come. Thank you all again for the continued support and love.

-- Matt Cole XOXXX --

In an effort to get a little more information about his decision, his life before and during porn and what the future holds for Matt; Gio interviewed him to get the full story! You can read the full interview and find out more at

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