A sexy man in a business suit - an alluring vision and the subject of many fantasies, when PerfectGuyz' Matt Casey is not training in the ring or throwing jabs at a worthy opponent he adorns a business suit for battle in the business world. Whether wearing well fitted running shorts or a shirt and tie, Matt is a deadly handsome, sexy guy. Some guys look awkward in a suit but Matt, with his innate class and sophistication, wears it very naturally. PG thought it would be fun to ask Matt to indulge himself in a straight video and to do what comes naturally. Matt watched the video, and instantly aroused, unzipped the fly in his trousers to allow his 8' thick cock the freedom it demanded. Slowly the tie came off and the shirt fell open - exposing his ripped abs. Finding his rhythm, Matt played with his cock, artfully stroking the head as if to tease us. What a God!


Look at that face. He looks so damn hot in that light. His cock at the ready waiting for any takers who would like to indulge in it's thick splendor. I like the smoothness of his whole body. Sometimes hairless can be so bloody sexy!


Here we get a nice closeup of Matt's most endearing asset - his face. Don't get me wrong, the rest of him is certainly sensational as we can all see. But his facial profile is nothing short of extraordinary from where I sit. Check out those sea blue eyes.


And here we get the full monty. The sexy leer, laying back all comfy like, and his manly meat ready for a servicing. What a fucking gorgeous man. No wonder he's back eh? Yeah, Perfect Guyz really choose their men carefully and I know that we all appreciate that very much. For only the best will do after all.

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