Introducing PerfectGuyz hunk Matt Casey. For the shoot interview he showed up in running shorts and a well fitted sweat shirt. His presence was formidable. He sat before us, ruggedly handsome, with a day's stubble on his squared jaw. During the conversation, he casually mentioned that he was an amateur boxer - and they were immediately enthused. Hence, they decided to give Matt the chance to be filmed in all his glory - displaying all of his boxing talent. Matt is one of the most sophisticated men PerfectGuyz has featured to date. His demeanor is best described as 'cool and confident' - apropos for a competitive athlete.


My kind of guy. He's wearing a jockstrap. He He. Yeah, Matt sure is a good looking guy. I can certainly see him in a boxing ring. He's not a large man, except for his cock, but he sure is in good shape.


Matt looks as though he's ready for battle here with his hands wrapped up and his luscious cock at full mast. What a great shot. So provocative and yet it has such an artistic aura about it. They couldn't have picked a better guy for this type of photo if you ask me.


What nice blue eyes Matt has. Love the way he looks into the camera at us. I would say he's a natural at this porn posing thing. Perfect Guyz seem to get just what they seek out - perfect guys. With guys like Matt on the menu I'm sure things will only continue to be both entertaining and intriguing.

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