Everything you always wanted to know about masturbation. Masturbation and Religion, Masturbation and Celibacy, and even Masturbation With Vegetables if you're so inclined. The articles on this site are very interesting. Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about jerking off, you find out you're still in the dark about this societal taboo. Hell, there are even male and female masturbation technique videos on this site! Along with pics and oral sex technique tips and tricks.

No doubt an awful lot of research was done to put together this information center about the horrible act you were told would make you blind, or grow hair on your palms, when you were a kid. I spent some time at masturbationmenu and read a good deal of the articles and stories. If masturbation is something you are very fond of, or are very curious about, this "menu" is very sure whet your appetite.

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