Remember when adults told you when you were a kid that masturbating too much would make you blind? Well, if this held true, I, for one, would be blind as a bat. LOL. Maturbation24 focuses on nothing but what it says: masturbating. There are some really cool links featuring different techniques, guys beating their meat and all kinds of joyous things. When you first get to the main page, be sure to check the recipe (yes, recipe - LOL) on how to create your own "asshole" to fuck. Seriously. Apparently it feels like a real asshole around your cock. All ingredients are natural and non-toxic so you shouldn't end up with any ugly boils on your pecker and whatnot. For those who might swing both ways, "Tutorial 2" features a recipe for making a "chocolate pussy". If anything, this site is amusing as hell. Plus, who knows, some of these things may actually work. I'll get back to you on the "asshole" recipe.

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