Master Wayne Degrades His Pathetic Naked Sub Master Wayne Degrades His Pathetic Naked Sub

Master Wayne returns to Brutal Tops this week, suitably Suited and Booted, to find a pathetic sub named elliott naked, snivelling and quivering on his knees on the floor, waiting for his new Master to dominate and abuse him - to treat him like shit - just like he deserves!

Things start off with Wayne ordering the sub to lick his boots, and he meekly obeys. Then Wayne orders him to remove Wayne's clothes, and once down to his underwear we can see how fit and firm Wayne is, with an impressive cock bulge in his tighty-whities! Then Wayne makes elliott suck his toes for a while before finding a rather large dildo nearby and deciding it would be good practice for his sub to suck on that for a while to. He makes elliott take it into his mouth, then Wayne rams it all the way in, right to the back of his throat, almost choking his sub. As elliott wretches and splutters, Wayne is unconcerned and just continues with the harsh treatment until elliott can't cope anymore and throws up all over the floor!

Naturally this excites Wayne and he immediately orders the sub to stick the slimy, saliva-covered dildo up his butt, and when he does Wayne whips out his dick and pisses right into elliott's mouth, making him drink it down, leaving him powerless and pathetic, covered in piss, a dildo up his butt, stark naked on the floor in the middle of a puddle of vomit and urine - which Wayne orders him to clean up - with his tongue!

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