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I love Spencer Reed. I think I would probably offer to cut off a pinky toe in exchange for a four-hour session with this hot hunk of man. Spencer is so handsome and well built; he's got a great cock and he knows how to give real top attitude. In this scene from Bound Gods, 19-year-old Max Gunnar is experiencing his first BDSM scene ever, and there's no one better to teach a boy than Spencer Reed - he's a demanding and firm master. There's something about his smooth, silky, deep voice that slides you into a false sense of security - that's a mistake.

As the video opens, Master Reed drags this new boy out of the cage on a leash. I have to say here that I'm not a real big fan of younger guys and twinks; in fact, I think, if anything, this is exactly what twinks were made for - polish my boots and suck my cock, boy!

Spencer smacks Max's tender ass and order the boy to worship his leather boots and chaps. As Max works his was slowly up his master's leg, Spencer teases him with the fat cock that's waiting at the end of this tongue trail. After sucking his master's cock, Max gets the works - candles and hot wax poured all over his smooth body, flogging, and butterfly clamps clipped to his nipples. Then Spencer wraps his boy up in a dark confining suit and fucks him on the bondage board. And the master's gift to his new boy for a good first time? A big, thick, messy load of Spencer Reed cum all over his face. Nice!

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