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Spencer Reed is one hot fucking hunk of man and he's one of my favorites over at Bound Gods. He's got the body of a Greek god and the attitude of a Roman gladiator. And this week he brings his real-life partner, blond stud Phillip Aubrey, to the dungeon. Phillip is new to BDSM and so it makes sense that he does his first scene with someone he really trusts.

Spencer agrees to help Phillip usher in his first dungeon scene, but he warns that he's not going to go easy on Phillip just because they're lovers. And Spencer makes sure that he sets down the rules in the very first moments of this scene: it's going to be his way or the highway. Spencer restrains Phillip naked and with his hands over his head, and then this handsome dom works over his lover's ass with a flogger. Phillips sensitive butt cheeks are blazing red in no time at all.

Then Phillip is restrained to the bed with his legs and arms bound together and his smooth fuck hole poised in the air. Spencer starts dripping hot wax all over the undersides of Phillip's sensitive thighs, and he screams in pain. "Please drip wax on my balls, Sir," begs Phillip, and Spencer obliges. Spencer shoves a ball hook up his lover's ass, then removes it and starts fucking his blond slave. Spencer puts his boy on his stomach and really starts fucking him hard. As he's pounding Phillips ass, Spencer barks, "Who do you belong to?" and Phillip screams, "Spencer Reed!" When Spencer is finished with his boy's ass, he shows Phillip some tender loving and then two kiss passionately. You'll want to head over to Bound Gods and check out the free video trailer. It a good opening session for Phillip and I'm sure we'll see more of these two real-life lovers.

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