Scott Tanner

I love Scott Tanner. Since the first time I laid eyes on him a few years back when he debuted on Men Over 30, I have lusted after this blond hunk's meaty cock. (Click the link to read my very first Scott Tanner blog.) I was thrilled when he started branching out from online gay porn and started making videos. I'm especially thrilled this week to see this masculine hunk in a Bound Gods session called Derek Gets Used. I don't think I've seen this side of Scott Tanner before, but he plays the forceful Master very well. He's a rugged, handsome dom and he's ready to use and abuse Derrek Diamond's sweet ass. Derrek has the best slave ass in the Bound Gods house, but drawing Tanner's attention to it might not be the best thing. Tanner uses the crop on Derek's ass while the slave is in full suspension bondage, then Mr. Tanner tenderizes Derrek's meaty ass with the heavy flogger. Finally, with Derek properly worn down, Tanner fucks that boy until he's a crumpled, sweaty, cum-covered mess on the floor. Awesome!

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