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Josh West is playing a new security guard in the Bound Gods psych ward. I love this man. He's handsome and packs a huge cock, and he's always a lot of fun to watch. He's a superb master and knows how to get what he wants from a submissive.

In this scene it's the middle of the night and Josh is watching over a sex addict who is chained and restrained for the public's safety. Josh takes a look at CJ's file and he's quite intrigued with this strange boy. Josh approaches this sicko with caution, but it's not long before CJ has Josh under is psychic power and with his mind forces Josh to pull out his huge cock and start beating off.

CJ is trying to use his mind to get Josh to suck his 9-inch dick, but Josh resists and starts regaining control. He beats CJ repeatedly until this pervert's hold on Josh is released. Josh uses electricity on CJ to further subdue him. He beats him with a belt and then forces CJ to chow down on Josh's 10-inch cock. My favorite part of this scene in when CJ is locked up in a cage that form fits his body. Caged on all fours, CJ's mouth and asshole are accessible, and Josh forces CJ to suck his cock some more before finally fucking CJ's ass. When Josh has had enough, he shoots his load all over CJ's face.

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