Sometimes a slave doesn't always behave the way he's supposed to; sometimes they don't give their master the respect he deserves. And when this happens, there's a more severe price to be paid. Leo Forte is a 5'10"-tall, black male who recently had his first fighting bout on Naked Kombat. He's got a mix martial arts training background, so he comes to this Bound Gods training session with more than a little attitude. But Master Josh West is going to put him in his place.

Leo is restrained and his arms are suspended from the ceiling. Master Josh West goes to work on Leo with a flogger. But when Leo laughs at Josh's flogging, he discovers that masters ought to be respected. Josh brings out the riding crop and delivers some stinging thrusts against Leo's back and ass. Leo starts to get the picture.

But the best is yet to come. Master Josh West restrains Leo is some intricate rope bondage and suspends him from the ceiling. Leo's leg is hoisted, giving the top man easy access to his slave's puckered and tight fuck hole. And then Josh slides his huge, 9-inch cock all the way inside his slave; Leo cries out in pain. And without any time to relax and get used to this huge invader, Leo is subjected to a deep and hard ass plundering. Josh fucks his slave hard, but Leo's muffled cries fall on deaf ears; sometimes a master just has a gag his slave to shut him up.

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