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Master Van Darkhome not only trains slaves, but masters as well. There's an art to becoming a good master; it's not instinctual, but needs to be learned. So in this week's Bound Gods episode, Van Darkhome is training a new handler Rusty Stevens. He's a stunning fashion model, but don't let that pretty face fool you -- he has impressive qualities as a dom. Dean Tucker is the training slave. He's been chosen because of his submissive nature and his beautiful white ass. His handler is the stunning fashion model Rusty Stevens. Don't let his pretty boy face fool you -- Master Stevens has impressive qualities as a dom. Rusty flogs Dean's sensitive ass and reddens it up, and then, he submits his slave to some long, slow cock servicing. When the Master's cock is good and hard, he rams it deep inside Dean's fuck hole. And there's nothing this slave can do about it because his feet are secured and his head and hands are restrained in a portable stockade. When Master Rusty is ready, he pushes Dean to the ground and squirts all over his face. Nice one!

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